Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Blog Post 13

  • This is a poster.
  • Its function is to promote a special they have on May 5th.
  • I saw it while I was in Moe's eating my burrito.
  • I think the quality is about medium. Its a good poster but good be better.
  • The style feels very old. They make it seems as if the letters are a part of the background with the wooden texture they have going on throughout. 
  • What first attracted me to this poster are the words, "FREE TEE" because of how large they are and the color against the white background. I also saw the taco because it is basically the only one object in the poster that is of an actual color other than black, white or brown. This poster is classic, established, bold, and playful.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Blog Post 12

  • This is a sign for Longview Bank.
  • The sign would go under the category of identity.
  • I saw this sign in St. Joseph in the bank parking lot.
  • The style is simple but gets the job done. The typography is simple and looks to be Helvetica. Longview Bank is bolded to add attention where St. Joseph is smaller and light.
  • What caught my eye was honestly the simplicity of it. The small logo to the side separated by the vertical line in between the logo and the lettering. The sign is subtle, calm, formal, established. 

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Blog Post 11

  • This is a cookbook.
  • This is a publication because it is a book.
  • I saw this in a grocery store in near the section where they sell grills.
  • The design is a high quality.
  • This design is very Swiss like because of the grid texture and layout. They typography is a thick and bold san-serif font. Along with all caps for the "way to grill" part. 
  • What attracted me were all of the images of food along with the all caps "WAY TO GRILL." It is bold, fresh, masculine and traditional. 

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Blog Post 10

  • This is a tin for hot chocolate.
  • This would go under the category of packaging. It is representing the chocolate mint hot cocoa.
  • I found it at Walmart and decided that it looked good enough I thought I would buy it.
  • The quality of the art is very simplistic. I would say it is medium quality.
  • This design roughly reminds me of a little bit of Swiss because of the grid like structure that it has to it. The type is a serif font that is used throughout.
  • The design is quite subtle, quiet, calm and casual. If I'm being honest, the first thing that caught my eye was the picture of the hot cocoa itself. It looked so good. 

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Blog Post 9

  • This is a poster for tcby.
  • It is a promotion/advertising for tcby.
  • I saw this hanging up on the inside of the place.
  • Quality: high. I think it communicates very well.
  • I would say that this is under the contemporary style and it is well designed. They use a sans-serif font. I really enjoy how the letter of the words relate and correspond to the colors of the frozen yogurt shown.
  • The fun, fresh, bold, and color attracted me to the piece.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Blog Post 8

  • This is a box of pasta.
  • Its function would go under packaging because it is a design on the on the package for the product.
  • I came across this product at Harvest Market.
  • The quality of the artwork is very simple and is easy to see. Quality = high
  • I would say that it is most closely related to the graphic style of Victorian. The way the typography is written was my first clue to it being Victorian. Along with the older look to it and the use of colors they used.
  • It is orderly, calm, formal and quiet. It gives off a very professional feel to it.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Blog Post 7

  • This is painted and printed on the side of a wall on the inside of the Anytime Fitness gym.
  • I would most likely put this under the category of a promotion because it is basically like a display.
  • I saw it at the Anytime Fitness gym.
  • The quality of the art work: High
  • This design is very contemporary as it was made very recently and does not show a lot of characteristics of previous styles. Also, there is a combination of sans serif and serif fonts throughout.
  • It is a clean, fresh, trendy, progressive and orderly.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Blog Post 6

  • This is the cover of a short book with illustrations.
  • Its function would go under a publication and that it is the outside cover of a book.
  • I saw this book cover design in the Giertz Gallery here at Parkland.
  • This quality is very clean and simple. There are many basic shapes and colors.
  • I would definitely say that it would go under the graphic style of contemporary art. The typography is a serif font and is very simple.
  • What attracted me to this design is that it is casual, established, subtle and quiet to look at.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Blog Post 5

  • This image is of a poster.
  • It is a promotional poster promoting that people come together and work as one.
  • I saw it on our field trip on Friday at the Krannert Center.
  • The quality of the artwork is very detailed with the people and the features. However, with the silos to the left, they are simplified and very flat looking.
  • This poster would most definitely go under the graphic style of early modern time. The typography really catches your attention with the red letter as well as the white text with the red behind it.
  • I think this piece is very serious, established, bold, loud, and sort of a masculine feel. 

Monday, February 19, 2018

Blog Post 4

  • This is a poster representing a theatre play
  • It would definitely be under the category of a promotion. It is providing information about the event.
  • I found this image in our art history textbook. I thought it was unique.
  • The work is very detailed and looks to have taken a good amount of time to plan out and create. This makes it intriguing to look at. 
  • This specific poster would be placed under the Victorian age graphic style. It is represented by this because of the people that are shown and the handling of the image as well as the typography. It is very bold and in all caps.
  • The large an bold lettering first caught my eye. I would describe this as spontaneous, energetic, bold, and loud.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Blog Post 3

  • This is a promotional poster
  • This poster is promoting their seasonal smoked butterscotch drink
  • I saw this inside Starbucks cafe
  • The design looks very professional and looks to have taken some time to create
  • This is a modern design. It is well balanced and seems as if everything works well together. The typography is all capital letters, same color as the drink itself, and being a tall skinny type. It definitely catches your attention.
  • The looks and tastiness of the design attracted me first and foremost along with the type they used. This design is fun, fresh, and trendy.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Blog Post 2

  • This is a poster that is describing a student show that is coming up.
  • Its function is to promote the 27th annual student production that presents the dates that it will be shown.
  • I saw this in the hallway in front of the theatre at Parkland.
  • The quality is very clean and well done. 
  • This style is pretty contemporary and modern. It provides a nice use of contrast by the boldness used to make the title stand out. The typography is very simple.
  • I would say that this poster is bold, orderly, formal and established.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Blog Post 1

  • I would put this image under the category of identity.
  • This is a logo that is posted on the outside of a building for this business.
  • The purpose of this image is to advertise the business and posses its logo to represent them. 
  • I saw this logo in Champaign right off of Neil on West John Street. It is easy to see as it is very large.
  • The quality of the artwork looks very well done. There are all clean edges along with a creative design.
  • I would describe this design to be contemporary. The business looks fairly new and the logo looks like it was put on not that long ago. The typography is a San-serif font and feels relaxed and new.
  • This design feels warm in the sense that by the use of colors, such as the color orange used with black. It also feels fresh and masculine by the longhorn image. The last way i would describe this design is bold. The lettering and the colors really stand out and grab your attention.