Saturday, March 31, 2018

Blog Post 9

  • This is a poster for tcby.
  • It is a promotion/advertising for tcby.
  • I saw this hanging up on the inside of the place.
  • Quality: high. I think it communicates very well.
  • I would say that this is under the contemporary style and it is well designed. They use a sans-serif font. I really enjoy how the letter of the words relate and correspond to the colors of the frozen yogurt shown.
  • The fun, fresh, bold, and color attracted me to the piece.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Blog Post 8

  • This is a box of pasta.
  • Its function would go under packaging because it is a design on the on the package for the product.
  • I came across this product at Harvest Market.
  • The quality of the artwork is very simple and is easy to see. Quality = high
  • I would say that it is most closely related to the graphic style of Victorian. The way the typography is written was my first clue to it being Victorian. Along with the older look to it and the use of colors they used.
  • It is orderly, calm, formal and quiet. It gives off a very professional feel to it.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Blog Post 7

  • This is painted and printed on the side of a wall on the inside of the Anytime Fitness gym.
  • I would most likely put this under the category of a promotion because it is basically like a display.
  • I saw it at the Anytime Fitness gym.
  • The quality of the art work: High
  • This design is very contemporary as it was made very recently and does not show a lot of characteristics of previous styles. Also, there is a combination of sans serif and serif fonts throughout.
  • It is a clean, fresh, trendy, progressive and orderly.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Blog Post 6

  • This is the cover of a short book with illustrations.
  • Its function would go under a publication and that it is the outside cover of a book.
  • I saw this book cover design in the Giertz Gallery here at Parkland.
  • This quality is very clean and simple. There are many basic shapes and colors.
  • I would definitely say that it would go under the graphic style of contemporary art. The typography is a serif font and is very simple.
  • What attracted me to this design is that it is casual, established, subtle and quiet to look at.