Saturday, February 24, 2018

Blog Post 5

  • This image is of a poster.
  • It is a promotional poster promoting that people come together and work as one.
  • I saw it on our field trip on Friday at the Krannert Center.
  • The quality of the artwork is very detailed with the people and the features. However, with the silos to the left, they are simplified and very flat looking.
  • This poster would most definitely go under the graphic style of early modern time. The typography really catches your attention with the red letter as well as the white text with the red behind it.
  • I think this piece is very serious, established, bold, loud, and sort of a masculine feel. 

Monday, February 19, 2018

Blog Post 4

  • This is a poster representing a theatre play
  • It would definitely be under the category of a promotion. It is providing information about the event.
  • I found this image in our art history textbook. I thought it was unique.
  • The work is very detailed and looks to have taken a good amount of time to plan out and create. This makes it intriguing to look at. 
  • This specific poster would be placed under the Victorian age graphic style. It is represented by this because of the people that are shown and the handling of the image as well as the typography. It is very bold and in all caps.
  • The large an bold lettering first caught my eye. I would describe this as spontaneous, energetic, bold, and loud.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Blog Post 3

  • This is a promotional poster
  • This poster is promoting their seasonal smoked butterscotch drink
  • I saw this inside Starbucks cafe
  • The design looks very professional and looks to have taken some time to create
  • This is a modern design. It is well balanced and seems as if everything works well together. The typography is all capital letters, same color as the drink itself, and being a tall skinny type. It definitely catches your attention.
  • The looks and tastiness of the design attracted me first and foremost along with the type they used. This design is fun, fresh, and trendy.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Blog Post 2

  • This is a poster that is describing a student show that is coming up.
  • Its function is to promote the 27th annual student production that presents the dates that it will be shown.
  • I saw this in the hallway in front of the theatre at Parkland.
  • The quality is very clean and well done. 
  • This style is pretty contemporary and modern. It provides a nice use of contrast by the boldness used to make the title stand out. The typography is very simple.
  • I would say that this poster is bold, orderly, formal and established.