Sunday, January 28, 2018

Blog Post 1

  • I would put this image under the category of identity.
  • This is a logo that is posted on the outside of a building for this business.
  • The purpose of this image is to advertise the business and posses its logo to represent them. 
  • I saw this logo in Champaign right off of Neil on West John Street. It is easy to see as it is very large.
  • The quality of the artwork looks very well done. There are all clean edges along with a creative design.
  • I would describe this design to be contemporary. The business looks fairly new and the logo looks like it was put on not that long ago. The typography is a San-serif font and feels relaxed and new.
  • This design feels warm in the sense that by the use of colors, such as the color orange used with black. It also feels fresh and masculine by the longhorn image. The last way i would describe this design is bold. The lettering and the colors really stand out and grab your attention.